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At Debbie’s 4 Dogs LLC, I offer nothing but the best relationship-centered dog behavior consultant services. Sometimes we spend too much time trying to “fix” a dog when we should look at the reasons why a dog is feeling uncomfortable and go from there. I have completed my coursework in Applied Animal Behavior. I am a certified Family Dog Mediator. I have completed Michael Shikashio’s Aggression in Dogs Master Course and I am up to date on the latest scientific research, which tells us that there should NEVER be any aversive training. Training should only be done with caring and kindness. Both dogs and humans make better progress when they are rewarded for getting it right. I am based in West Hartford and only do virtual or in home visits. Dogs learn best in their own environment where they feel comfortable and less anxious. Want to learn more? Please get in touch through the booking form or text me at (860) 543-1396. Include a picture of your guy or girl. Tell me where your dog came from, the things that you love about this dog as well as where you are located. Don't forget to share the reason for reaching out. Our first session will last about an hour. I pack 3 sessions worth of information into this first meeting. I want to educate you about the dog in front of you for the best journey ahead for you both.

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