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Top Dog Behavior Consultant/Trainer in West Hartford

At Debbie’s 4 Dogs LLC, I offer nothing but the best relationship-centered dog behavior consultant services. Sometimes we spend too much time trying to “fix” a dog when we should look at the reasons why a dog is feeling uncomfortable and go from there. I have completed my coursework in Applied Animal Behavior. I ...

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My Approach

When it comes to connecting and building trust with your fearful and reactive dog, new puppy, older dog or rescue who needs time to decompress, Debbie's 4 Dogs is not founded on the belief of a "one size fits all" approach.      

My positive and caring coaching philosophy instills that every one-of-a-kind dog ...

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About Me

Kindness always for the win! is my motto as I help you and your 4 legged loved one together on this journey of life.

As someone who once counseled humans, (In a past life) I can tell you that no human or dog should ever be subjected to aversive methods. Pain, fear, and intimidation only hurt a relationship. ...

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Certified Dog Bite Prevention Educator

Satisfied Customers

Jamie Bellenoit

Debbie has been so helpful with her virtual training since we got our puppy! She is displaying typical puppy behavior of playful biting, a few accidents in the house, alert barking, and fear of the car, and we have gotten so much great insight on how to extinguish these behaviors! So much of dog training is actually training the humans and we definitely needed her training! We will definitely continue using her services for as long as we need to, the fact that we have to do it virtually hasn't adversely affected the training process at all! We highly recommend her services!


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After just rescuing a dog, we started to realize that she was having some issues on walks around other dogs. After a friend recommended Debbie to us, we ...Read more

Jun 19, 2024
Sarah Johnson