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Kindness always for the win! is my motto as I help you and your 4 legged loved one together on this journey of life.

As someone who once counseled humans, (In a past life) I can tell you that no human or dog should ever be subjected to aversive methods. Pain, fear, and intimidation only hurt a relationship. Behavior tells us how a dog is feeling inside. It is our job to figure out why he is feeling a certain way and help him to see the world in the best way possible. My training goes beyond dog training and is mostly for humans. I’ve been helping dog lovers and their 4 legged companions for years. Whether you’re looking for solutions for an event that ended poorly, trouble with guests entering your home, dog to dog reactivity, fear and anxiety or trying your best to deal with frustrating behaviors to ensure that you and your puppy can move forward in a positive way, I can help. I am a qualified and experienced trainer/behavior consultant who is always learning. I employ modern day science and ethology to help you and your dog to understand one another as I help you to see things from your dog's perspective. (So important to understand through the dog's eyes.)

Relax, you’ll be in safe hands and so will your dog!

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